JENNIFER (_needles_n_pins) wrote in it_lies_within,

eep... new

1. Name: Jenn

2. Age: 15
3. Location: Massachusetts
4. Favorite Movie: since I can't decided.. any kevin smith movie.. except jersey girl
5. Favorite Song: "everlong" - foo fighters or "bitter sweet symphony" - the verve (at the moment)
6. Favorite band/singer: yeah yeah yeahs, the clash, the ramones
7. What does your lj name mean?: it's a song that I love by the ramones
8. Be random in just one sentence: friday in drama class, I took off my socks in the middle of class cause when I rolled up my pants because it was too hot it looked weird...
9. Favorite fast-food place: not a huge fan of fast food but... burger king cause they have the best frys
10. What's the one thing in the news that interests you the most?: suprisingly, lately I've been interested in the political stuff and the elections.
11. Favorite store: this cool place in Cambrige, MA called "hootanany"
12. Birthday and Sign: November 4th.. scorpio
13. Straight, gay, bisexual, dont care to share: straight

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