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hi hi there

1. Name: Alicia
2. Age: 17
3. Location: dallas, texas
4. Favorite Movie: amelie
5. Favorite Song: polaroids for polar bears - alexisonfire
6. Favorite band/singer: blondie
7. What does your lj name mean?: a reference to back when Thursday was my favorite band [it was a temporary thing haha]
8. Be random in just one sentence: I like the way the cement feels under my bare feet on a sunny day in June.
9. Favorite fast-food place: taco bell most def
10. What's the one thing in the news that interests you the most?: presently stupid coby bryant [spelling?]
11. Favorite store: any thrift store
12. Birthday and Sign: august 4, 1986, leo
13. Straight, gay, bisexual, dont care to share: straight... bi for recreation. haha that sounds SO dumb but i would never have a "girlfriend"

thanks for looking!!!! exuse my sister in the background please.... lol <3
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