leslie (twstedbeautiful) wrote in it_lies_within,

I hope this all works, I am not very good with lj cuts yet. :)

Hey... it's 11:45 pm, and I have stumbled upon this community. Why not give it a whirl, eh? :)

1. Name: Leslie Angeline Ruttledge .....It's a nice name. A little tid-bit, i have 6 e's in my name. lol

2. Age: 19 years old

3. Location: I live in LaPorte, IN.....I just moved from my home of 17 years to this crazy place.

4. Favorite Movie: Oh gosh! I love the movie Drop Dead Fred, ALL Disney movies, except most of those crap sequels they make just to check into cash (ahaha have you seen that commercial? good stuff lol) but my favorite movie of all time is Shawshank Redemption. Lovve it.

5. Favorite Song: This is a hard question. I am definitly into 80's, but I love almost every single type of music, from classical to pop to country. I have gotten off topic, lol sorry :) Anyhoot....... Since I just got it on vinyl, I love rock n roll, the single by Joan Jett and the Blackhearts.. It gets my ass a shaking lol

6. Favorite band/singer: Probably a tie between Pat Benetar and NSYNC. :)

7. What does your lj name mean?: (side note: I just sneezed really loud and almost fell off my chair lol) I got this name right around the time the movie CrazyBeautiful came out. My friends all call me twisted, and I think that I am beautiful, inside as well as out.......so here we are hehe

8. Be random in just one sentence: I never suspected the cheese whiz until I saw that look in your eyes.

9. Favorite fast-food place: I worked at Subway for over a year, so I am going to have to say that. It is good stuff. Try the chicken, you won't be disapointed.....unless you don't like chicken lol.

10. What's the one thing in the news that interests you the most?: I read the newspaper everyday. I like reading the little side stories, editorials, and the comics. hehe

11. Favorite store: I work at a Dollar Tree right now, and I am telling you, if you haven't been to one, GO RIGHT NOW!! lol it is so good inside there.

12. Birthday and Sign: May 15th, 1984, and Taurus. I am a bull .. :)

13. Straight, gay, bisexual, dont care to share: Getting off is getting off, I don't think I could ever have a girlfriend....but I could definitly make out with a few more. hehe :)

oh bloody hell. SO, I am sitting here getting ready to go to picturedot.com to get my pictures uploaded and then, some purely raw porn site pops up instead. lol..... I just thought I would share, so I am in the midst of finding my pictures for all of you fine people. Well, PICTUREDOT is being a wanker. What I can offer you is my briefcase on yahoo. http://briefcase.yahoo.com/twistedbeautiful
I think that will work. I will check back on picture dot to make it easier for everyone to see me. Alright.....:) bye lol

edit. I am computer handicapped, I apologize again. lol
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